Johann Breu, Managing Director

Breu Media is based in the heart of Lower Bavaria – not far from the Bavarian film metropolis Munich, only one hour´s drive away.

The Breu Media is a small DVD-Label and a service provider in the dynamic world of film and television.

Our partners and customers are renowned companies from the national and international publishing, film and television industries.

Having many excellent contacts in many places, our strengths lie in tracking down and acquiring the license rights to film and sound tracks for the home entertainment industry.

Another side to our activities is the mediation of television broadcasting rights on behalf of well-known production companies and story development for television productions.

Whether we help old “film treasures” make a comeback, develop ideas for new film projects by painstaking work and a lot of imagination, or help convert bestselling books into bestselling audiobooks.

To arose emotions and lend wings to imagination – that is the standard we set for ourselves every day, and to which we measure every one of our projects.

Accordant our slogan: Inspire your emotions




Self-released movies and series for the Home Entertainment market

Own production of bonus material

Production of new audiobooks / republication of audiobook classics

Story development for television movies/series
Development and distribution of story ideas
Presentation and distribution of story ideas of young, budding authors

Research and mediation of Home Entertainment licensing rights
Research of the Licensor
Offer- and Contract negotiations
Procurement of bonus material

Mediation of TV broadcasting rights on behalf of renowned international production


How about letting us do the tedious legwork through the media jungle for you?

Or let us wrack our brains for creative story ideas.

Or perhaps you have other challenging jobs you would prefer to outsource to us?

Talk to us…